Notice: ( Can ho Palm Heights ) Apartment An Phu District 2 placeholder first tranche

Notice: Palm Heights Apartment An Phu District 2 placeholder first tranche
Palm Heights apartment project in District 2 is a large part of Palm City 30.2 hectares surrounded by 2.7K                            
After the successful sale of 135 open adjacent townhouses – Villa Palm Residences in just 2 hours, Investor venture Keppel Land launched Tien Phuoc project preparation Palm Heights Apartments District 2 within urban areas Palm City.

Palm Heights project to scale 1.68 ha surrounded by 3 long river 2.7km by investors 3 Block layout design high 35 floors + 1 basement communion between 3 Block, which is expected to hand over 1 block crude , 2 blocks remaining finishing basic handover, expected prices of crude delivery from $ 1.300 $ -1.400 / m2, finishing basic allocation from $ 1.500 – $ 1.600 / m2 . Design 2 apartments 2 bedrooms (76m – 85m) and 3 bedrooms (132m – 135m) . Center of Palm Heights condo swimming pool 500m2 . 

Palm Heights Apartment District 2 are getting placeholder the first apartment and is expected to open the attached form open sale in March 10/2016 here. Palm Heights is said to be “expensive property” as property location advantages, infrastructure complete with high-speed urbanization of the area.

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